Once Again Tech® wishes to maintain customer operational continuity when it is necessary to bring a unit in for repair. Due to a wide variety of repair parts required, it is impossible for any repair center to maintain a complete inventory of all types of repair components, and these must be ordered. Some service may require micro- soldering and/or factory software resets that must be performed by OEM specialists that may facilitate shipping your device to a facility equipped to perform this specific application. COVID has slowed some supply chain deliveries further complicating a rapid repair return.

To this end, Once Again Tech® offers the customer a data transfer service and a reduced cost repair rental unit of the same or better quality as the device returned for repair to bridge this repair interval where you would otherwise be without a computer. The replacement value of the rental unit will appear at the top right of the Lease Agreement. You will be notified of the estimated repair cost as rapidly as this can be determined, for any cost above $200. You will be given the option to purchase your repair rental at a discounted price and apply your diagnostic fee, trade-in after repair costs, to this purchase.

As an example, if the repair rental has a current value of $1,200, we will apply your diagnostic fee ($39.99) plus the value of your repaired unit. For the purposes of this example, let’s estimate a $600 trade-in, less the cost of the repair (let’s estimate $150). Your purchase price for the $1,200 unit would be $700. In most cases the value of the repair rental will be significantly greater than your repaired unit and will have a faster processor and be a newer computer. Extended warranties are available and ask about our rates.


Renter shall only use the product in strict accordance with its intended use. Renter shall not permit the Equipment to be used in violation of any laws. Once Again Tech® is only authorized to lease to customers with units in for repair, or to businesses that have provided a Certificate of Insurance. The unit in for repair must have a resale value (as assessed by Store Manager, or Assistant) and must equal at least 50% of the value of the unit to be rented.


Rental equipment must be picked up (or delivered with P.O.D. signature) from Once Again Tech®, at 4915 Fairmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD, 20814. The customer assumes responsibility for the continuous care, custody, and control of rented equipment until returned to Once Again Tech® in Bethesda. This includes any 3rd party delivery agent hired by customer to pick-up and/or return unit. Responsible party will be asked to sign for the return to ensure that there will be no further charges.


Equipment used in the rental program is fully tested between each rental and photographed to track normal wear. Renter shall notify Once Again Tech® no later than three hours after receiving any rental unit that is discovered to be inoperable or displaying failing componentry. Otherwise, renter agrees that the rented equipment is in good working order and is acceptable to renter, acknowledging that they have inspected and used the equipment within this period.


Equipment must be returned to the Once Again Tech® store where originally rented. To avoid additional rental charges, unit must be returned no later than 6 pm on the date shown in the Rental- Period section of the Agreement. As other renters may have placed a reservation on presently rented equipment, we request that the present renter notify Once Again Tech® one day prior to the due date if an extension of the original period is desired. Rental charges are based on the recovery of necessary insurance and a reasonable amortization of the cost of the rental product and not based on the interval, day, or hours of use by the renter; therefore, there is no discount or refund for an early return.


While in the Renter’s care, custody and control, Renter assumes all risk and liability for the rental equipment, including, but not limited to risks while in transit, or on own premises, in use, and in storage; until the rental equipment is returned to Once Again Tech®. If rental equipment is non- repairable, Renter will be responsible for the replacement cost and may be assessed by use of the Credit Card Token. This agreement anticipates that the rental equipment will be returned in the same condition as issued and that nicks or broken glass, or dents in housing or screen assembly do not constitute normal wear and usage. At the Once Again Tech® store manager’s discretion, there will be a charge in concert with the cost of repair and replacement needed to bring the unit back to a rentable condition. Renter agrees that the Token as described below may be used to facilitate this.


By signing this agreement, the renter agrees to participate in the Heartland token system as a possible future way to charge your account for additional costs associated with extended rental, upgrade purchase, replacement recovery or repair. This is an encrypted token that is issued between Once Again Tech® and the Heartland credit card processing system. Once Again Tech® does not retain your credit card number, but uses a token that can be used to charge, or to save a trip absent the renter’s appearance in person to resolve an outstanding charge.

We will always notify the renter before using a token, and it is provided as a convenience to the renter and as a protection for Once Again Tech®.


Renter must notify Once Again Tech® immediately of any missing, lost, or stolen rental equipment and file a report with the local authorities. If after Renter takes delivery of rental equipment, any of the Equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, Renter will be held responsible for the replacement cost. Once Again Tech® will make a reasonable effort to repair or replace the rental equipment in a timely manner. If Equipment is returned damaged or in non-working condition, the lease period will be extended by the shortest reasonable time necessary to repair such damage or replace non-repairable rental equipment and return the item(s) to Once Again Tech’s® general inventory, but only for the actual loss sustained, not to exceed the value of the rental equipment. The extended rental period shall apply only to the damaged or nonworking item(s), unless the item(s) form a part of or within an assembly of other Equipment.


Once Again Tech® shall have the right to inspect the rental equipment associated with this agreement at any time during the rental term, after reasonable notice. Renter shall make any and all arrangements necessary to permit a qualified employee of Once Again Tech® access to the location and rental equipment. If a breach of any of the provisions occurs, Once Again Tech® has the right to remove all rental equipment without any liability, and without prejudice to Once Again Tech’s® right to receive rent due or accrued to the date of removal of the Equipment.


At the time of repair rental, customer may wish to transfer data from the unit to be repaired to the rental unit. This is particularly useful in maintaining customer continuity of operations. There is a charge for this service and Once Again Tech® will exercise due diligence in the exact transfer of this data but cannot guarantee that older programs that have not been upgraded by the customer will function properly in a newer operating system.. Nor can Once Again Tech® guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of this data transfer. There will be no charge if there is an incomplete transfer.


Software is designed around an operating system and renters looking to upgrade their repair to a newer unit should be advised that other program upgrades may also be necessary. Customer must back up their data regularly to an external drive, cloud, or other device and notably, prior to any Once Again Tech® repair, or transfer of data. It is rare that data is lost, but as with all things electronic, there are instances where data may inadvertently be lost – Once Again Tech® cannot be held responsible for this potential. Note that it is generally accepted that any thumb-drive, spin-drive or solid-state drive has a finite number of uses, sometimes affected by conditions such as heat, electrical anomalies, humidity and more. Backing up your data to a reliable and proven cloud service is often the best solution as they mirror servers and drives to provide uninterrupted service.